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YTW-CP 609/B8 computerized crochet knitting machine

Yitai High-speed Crochet Knitting Machines are used to produce a variety of elastic or non-elastic laces. It comes with 3 bars, 8 bars and 11 bars. YTW-C 609 model is similar to COMEZ machine with a good design that results in more durability and fast speed up to 1400RPM.
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YTW-CP Computerized Crochet Knitting Machine produces elastic and non-elastic narrow tapes like  laces, bra straps and others.Compared with YTW-C Crochet knitting machine, YTW-CP Computerized crochet knitting machine control patterns more accurately.


Yitai YTW-CP series Crochet Knitting Machine features

1.It can reach 1000 cycles, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary crochet machines.
2.Convenient pattern design (just input)
3.Due to the simplicity of operation, the effect is particularly obvious when used to develop samples.
4.The patterns that can be made are more complicated and more patterns.
5.The position control is more accurate.


Spare parts requirements
Please fill out the form by “ spare parts inquiry” if you have any spare parts requirement, and provide nameplate of the machine. Send drawing according to the spare parts manual, real spare parts need be provided if necessary. 

Standard equipment:
Rubber feeder, FInished product collecting roller on both sides, creel, beam holder


Optional attachment:
Meter counter, heating device, beam, positive feeder for warp threads


YTW-CP Series Specification
Model 609/825 B8 609/825 B16
Operating Width 609/825mm
Gauge Per Inch 15,20
Weft bars 8 bars 16 bars
Density 5-25/cm
Link chain extension No limited
Motor 1.5HP
Speed 1200-1400RPM
Normal attachment Rubber feeder、Finished product collecting roller on both side,Creel,Beam holder
Optional attachment Beam、Adjustable positive feeder for warp threads,Device forloose wefts effect on two edges.
Back Yarn Creel Ends 200 Ends( 100 Ends Left and 100 Ends Right)
Back Beam Creel Ends 4
Density 5-25/CM
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The laces as follows are produced by YTW-CP Computerized crochet knitting machine.




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