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YTZ 4/12 Centre line zipper needle loom

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Production of high quality metal zipper belts center line tape.


Yitai YTZ 4/12 Centre line zipper needle loom features:

1. After careful design, improvement, simple and reasonable structure. Made of special steel, precise and accurate, easy to operate, and durable.
2. It adopts multi-hole belt drive to control the action of the weft hook, so that the machine is stable without noise, and the speed is faster.
3. Automatic brake device for yarn breakage to ensure the quality of the fabric.
4. The automatic adjustment device is adopted before the unwinding of the tape, which makes it easier for the operator to check and accept the finished tape.
5. It is suitable for the knitting of the center line of various high-quality metal and resin zipper tapes. Changing the center line model is simple and fast. After testing, the zipper produced by this center line is significantly superior in tensile strength and flatness of the zipper than the zipper produced by the traditional center line.


Spare parts requirements:

Please fill out the form by “ spare parts inquiry” if you have any spare parts requirement, and provide nameplate of the machine. Send drawing according to the spare parts manual, real spare parts need be provided if necessary.


YTZ Series Specification:

Model 4/12
Needle pipe 4,3
Needle 4
Braiding Dia Range φ1-φ3.5
Revolution Speed 1000 RPM
Motor 1 HP
Normal Attachment 144 Creel palces, spare parts
Optional Attachment Beams(355*255mm, USD50/PCS) 
Size of package 1350*1000*1900MM
Net Weight(KGS) 300
Gross Weight(KGS) 330
Functions For Metal Zipper



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