Pet Leash

A pet harness is equipment consisting of straps of webbing that loop nearly around—that fasten together using side release buckles—the torso of an animal.

These harnesses generally are made to have both a strap on the chest in front of the forelimbs, and a strap around the torso behind the forelimbs, with straps in between connecting these two.

Having a D-ring suitable for (pet tags and) a leash to clip to, they are most often used to restrain an animal, but dogs also particularly wear them to assist a person with a disability or haul people and items.

There is also the lifting harness for dogs with disabilities, covered in this article. Some come in different sizes, although many are size-adjustable with tri-glide slides to loosen or shorten the straps’ length. The straps may come in a range of different colors, and some have reflective coating.


Post time: Jun-23-2021