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Crochet knitting machine

High speed crochet knitting machine is suitable for weaving elastic and non-elastic ribbon

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    High Efficiency Electronic crochet knitting machine is suitable for weaving elastic and non-elastic ribbon like lace, bra strap, binding ribbon, decorative ribbon, mask cord, waist band, bandage, fancy band, which are widely used for garments, home textiles, medical appliances and so on. We have a lot of machinery can produce elastic. According to the customer’s sample, including width, thickness, material, function and output. Make it easy for you to produce massively by auto control. Meanwhile guarantee the stability and quality.



    ● Medical textiles such as mask cord, waist band, bandages.

    ● Decorative ribbons with multilayered stripes.

    ● Fashion and clothing market.



    ● Ease of use. Comfortable access to the knitting area and to the fabric take-off.

    ● Flexible design. Thread feeding takes place individually from cones or where the number of threads is high and space limited, from a warp beam.

    ● Simple and quick gauge changes.

    ● Innovative control and operation system. 

    ● High speed and high output.

    ● Small in vibration, silent in noise,easy to adjust and operate.

    ● All the machine adopts imported closed-type bearing, rubber rollers as well as needle bed, scientific in structure, all the electric parts noise and safety of operation are strictly comply with international standards.

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    Yitai high speed crochet knitting machine with heating device, save one step production, save costs
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customer evaluation

Frederick Douglas Frederick Douglas
Hi Grace, You know I purchased this machine toward the beginning of the year. Because of Covid-19, I did not have a chance to use it until two months ago. This is my second set of YTB-C 12/30/256 from YITAI. I must say this product is worth my investment money. Thankfully there was a video uploaded in Youtube on proper use/set up of equipment. I'll update my review if something happens down the line but for now it's a good machine with good productivity and it gets the job done! Stay safe and best regards Douglas
Abu Qureshi Abu Qureshi
Dear Linda, Nice to contact you! 1. Regarding machines purchased 1.1 Before got rusty issue, and we improved, now the latest machines appearance are in good condition? Yes, now almost ok! 1.2 The crochet machine with heating device are running well now? is there still any place we need improve? Till now, I have not received any complain on that and it met our requirement. If there is any improvements needed, will let your team know. 2. Are you satisfied with Melody and Selena’s work? Which parts you expect us to improve? Both melody and selena are exceptional and best people I have ever met in corporate environment. I don’t see any other point to improve as they always exceed our expectations. 3. Do you have any suggestions to us in order to provide more convenience to your work? So far your team perform 100% satisfactory level and appreciate it.
Geoff Sterritt Geoff Sterritt
I have three various brand of crochet knitting machines and feel YITAI is one of the best brands on the market. To date, this machine performs admirably and is a pleasure to use. Needle up/down plays with that make projects fun. Hopefully, another good investment for my factory.
Deipen Bhatnagar Deipen Bhatnagar
I have used it for 6 months for about 12 hours a day. So far no problems. The only issue I have had so far is using knit material with the stretch stitch, getting the tension correct is gonna take some practice, more trial and error than my old machines. It was a bit pricey, but when comparing it with a couple of other machines in the same price range, this one had all the features I wanted.
Ajay Thakkar Ajay Thakkar
Grace. It arrived quickly and it was well packaged. The machine is easy to set up and it works wonderfully with good instructions. I am still learning all the features that are available and I am liking it a lot. Thank you!