About Us - Xiamen Yitai Industrial Co., Ltd.

About Us

Create world-class brands and services.
It's easy to open a business but hard to keep it always open.

-- Yitai Machinery since 1996

Who are we ?

XIAMEN YITAI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded in 1996. We are engaged in developing textile machinery. Our main products are YTA zipper belt needle looms, YTB high speed looms, and computerized jacquard looms, YTS braiding machines, YTC-W crochet knitting machines,YTZ cord knitting machines and other necessary matching machines.

Now we have branches and offices in many countries, such as India,Indonesia,Vietnam,Colombia,Argentina,Mexico,Peru,Croitia,and some other European countries.

Yitai has passed ISO 9001 quality control system. All machines have CE certificates.

Patents applied more than 50 pieces already.

Our final objective is to provide one-stop solutions for all our clients.

Our owner, also the general manager, Mr. Shi, investing his expertise over 30 years’ of research and development to fulfil most end-user’s underlying quest for Faster and Smarter narrow fabric weaving machines, such as YTA series high speed zipper belt needle loom machine, YTB series high speed needle loom machine, YTB-C high speed computerized jacquard needle loom machine, YTW-C series high speed crochet knitting machine, YTS series high speed braiding machines and other necessary matching machines.

But what motivates Yitai Machinery to begin this journey ?

Being an entrepreneur himself starting from Jinjiang , China. Mr. Shi is fully aware of how (1) high production capacity (2) easy operation (3) lower stop rate could be key points to start on narrow fabric weaving machines business.That’s why he’s been setting his sights on building something different.

"My wish since the day i start this company, was to provide one-stop solution for all our clients.In Yitai, we take pride in being the front-runner for being practical and simple, and in seeing our machines landing at the bottom ladder of our customers’ path to success." commented by Mr Shi.




Yitai mission is to provide one stop solution to all our clients, and reach a win-win relationship both with clients and our staffs.

Corporation Objectives:

Based on the world level , create world-class brand and provide the latest products and services for the development of the global textile industry.



Customers First:

We aim to become a long-term cooperation and a mutually beneficial partnership with customers.

We aim to win the full confidence of our global customers with timely market analysis and speedy feedback of innovative programs.

We provide essential guarantees for the success of our worldwide customers by means of innovative products, excellent service, punctual delivery and good quality products.



Products and Services:

Our business has expanded throughout the world.

Our target is to be the undisputed leader in the field of textile machinery.

Our brand represents high class quality, high tech products, excellent per-sale services and perfect after services. At the same time , it means we will supply all customers with timely and reliable services.



A Tight Spot

Beginners are adopting implicit purchasing rules for cost-efficient equipment for easy operation and maintenance.
This demand could be fulfilled by reducing unnecessary manufacturing costs and simplifying mechanical actions.
However, this practice was caught in a tight spot at the outset because not all customers are able to see this valuable idea behind. People tend to stereotype simplicity of production lines as nothing but a pile of worthless steels. It is misconception that the value of a set of equipment is equivalent to its size and fancy exteriors. Unfortunately, beginners lacking of technical knowledge is easily  misguided by other machine vendors touting for complicated equipment from whose eyes you could only see a "Dollar sign".
Eventually after putting their hands on it, users will find out that Yitai’s machine is a real pushover to learn and operate.