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High Speed Curtain Tape Needle Loom

Short Description:

Curtain Braiding Machinery Belt Needle Loom Machine

Different types of curtain tapes



Model 2/160 2/110 4/80 4/65 6/55 8/30
Tapes 2 2 4 4 6 8
Reed width(mm) 160 110 80 65 55 30
Motor 1.5HP
Speed 1000-1200 RPM
Heald frame 12-16 pcs
Design chain circle 8-48 (48-120, optional attachment)
Weft density 3.5-36.7 weft/cm
Normal attachment 8-14 yarn creel places
Optional attachment Beam, Creel, Needles



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Spare parts

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1.Good tensile force, easy to adjust, products have fine lock-stitching, hard-wearing, low failure-rate.

2.All shafts are processed under multiple heat-treatments and machined by precision cylindrical grinding machine.

3.Bearings of main shafts and of weaving parts are imported from NSK shafts, Japan.

4.Central plastic parts including heald frame middle parts and side parts, board assemble of shedding, adjust connect board assemble of shedding, are purchased from Taiwan.

5.High speed, high output, high quality.


1.YTB needle loom series has complete models from 2-tape to 12-tape. The width of textile can be varied from minimum to 165mm.

2.Design boards length are from 8, 16 to 48, connect by nylon taking, which can be easy to change the design, and has higher veracity, longer lifespan.

3.Multiple width of machine are designed to match different workshops and products.

4.Auto-cycling oiling device, strengthen circulation between shedding and design board, enhance machine lifespan.

5.Auto-yarn cutting system and speedy motor brakes can control high quality textile efficiently.

6.Precision manufactured machine parts, hard-wearing, low depreciation, low noise, easy maintenance, needed spare parts can be provided quickly.



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    Parts list (More other spare parts available. Please contact us to get more spare parts details.)

    the front reed IMG_7482 test
    weft needle IMG_7472
    crochet needle IMG_7496
    needle IMG_7661
    heald IMG_7291
    Drop wires IMG_7287
     selvedge plate  IMG_7729
      Aluminum hand  IMG_7522
     shedding lever  IMG_7636
     heald frame-middle  IMG_8141
     heald frames assem  IMG_8155



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