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Metal Zipper Tape Loom Machine

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Yitai high speed zipper tape needle loom machines are used to produce zipper tapes such as metal zipper tape, nylon zipper tape and plastic zipper tape etc. The output is from 10 to 14 lines and the reed width is 20mm and 25mm, the weft density is from 3.5cm to 36.7 cm. The zipper looms machine appearance and some of the features are similar to YTB series needle loom machine. The difference is the zipper loom machine adopts fixed link chain to produce zipper tapes with high speed and more production, precision of weaving heads is easy to adjust to meet the demand of high quality. Yitai is the first one in China mainland to produce such machines, top brands zipper companies such as SBS, YKK, FFF etc. use our machine for production.


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With the development of human society, economy , science and technology, zipper from the initial metal materials to non-metal materials, single variety and single function to multi variety and multi specification comprehensive function development, from simple structure to today’s exquisite and beautifuldesigns, colorfulshapes, it isa long evolution process. Its performance, structure, materials change with each passing day. Nowadays it is widely usedinaerospace, aviation, military, medical, civil and other fields. The small zipper plays an increasingly important role in people’s life and shows its importance and vitality.

According to material, there’re nylon zipper, resin zipper and metal zipper.Nylon zipper: Invisible zipper, through zipper, back glue waterproof zipper, non through zipper, double bone zipper, woven zipper, etc. Resin zipper: gold (silver) teeth zipper, transparent zipper, translucent zipper, animal light zipper, bud zipper, diamond zipper. Metal zipper: Aluminum zipper, copper zipper (brass, white copper, bronze, red copper, etc.), black nickel zipper.

Metal zipper, nylon zipper, plastic zipper.

Yitai YTA series zipper tape needle loom features:

1.14 lines to ensure high productivity.2.YKK, SBS, SAB, 3F etc. Using Yitai machines to produce zipper tapes3.Stable running speed 1400 RPM, shedding frame adopts interior-support to fix balance for speed up and stable production.4.Tape plate bracket angle is 7.5°will improve woven edge more perfect.5.Belt transmission to ensure accurate discharge of woven tapes, without damaging the zipper tapes.6.Reasonable back creel design for easy assembling and adaption.7.Imported bearings such as NSK, NTN, FAG etc. to ensure quality.8.Back take-off device and beam creel are changeable according to buyers’ required.

Spare parts requirements

Please fill out the form by “ spare parts inquiry” if you have any spare parts requirement, and provide nameplate of the machine. Send drawing according to the spare parts manual, real spare parts need be provided if necessary.

Standard equipment:

Back creel, back take-off device

Optional attachment:

Front take-off device, double-decker device, beams

YTA Series Specification
Model 12/25 14/20
Tapes 12 14
Reed width 25 20
Motor 1.5HP
Speed 1500RPM
Heald frame 12 PCS 6 PCS
Chain Repeat 8 Cam styles
Chain Repeat 8 Cam styles
Weft density 3.5-36.7 WEFT/CM
Normal attachment Back take-off device,Creel places, Normal attachment
Functions optional attachment For Metal Zipper and Restin Zipper Beam For Nylon Zipper


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    Parts list (More other spare parts available. Please contact us to get more spare parts details.)

    the front reed IMG_7482 test
    weft needle IMG_7472
    crochet needle IMG_7496
    needle IMG_7661
    heald IMG_7291
    Drop wires IMG_7287
     selvedge plate  IMG_7729
      Aluminum hand  IMG_7522
     shedding lever  IMG_7636
     heald frame-middle  IMG_8141
     heald frames assem  IMG_8155



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