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Flat Type Needle Loom

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YTP High Speed Automatic Needle Loom is suitable for simple elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics such as bra tapes and lace.



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YTP 8/27swiss type needle loomis suitable to produce simple elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics such as Bra tapes and Lace.

Spare parts requirements:

Please fill out the form by “ spare parts inquiry” if you have any spare parts requirement, and provide nameplate of the machine. Send drawing according to the spare parts manual, real spare parts need be provided if necessary.

Standard equipment:Back creel

Optional attachment:

● Back take-off device

● Front take-off device

● Rubber feeder

● Rubber roller

● Double weft double latch needle

● Double weft single latch needle

● Extra long chain

● Warp feeder – belt type

● Double-decker device

● Double weft and double latch needle for curtain tape device

YTP Series Specification
Model 2/135 2/165 4/65 6/42 8/27
Tapes 2 2 4 6 8
Reed width (mm) 135 165 65 42 27
Motor 2HP
Speed 600-800 RPM 1200-1400 RPM
Heald frame 16 pieces 16-20pieces
Design chain circle 8-48
Weft density 3.5-36.7 WEFT/CM
Normal attachment 8-14 Creel places, Normal attachment
0ptional attachment Beam,Bubber feeder,Back take-off device,Double hook single needle



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    Parts list (More other spare parts available. Please contact us to get more spare parts details.)

    the front reed IMG_7482 test
    weft needle IMG_7472
    crochet needle IMG_7496
    needle IMG_7661
    heald IMG_7291
    Drop wires IMG_7287
     selvedge plate  IMG_7729
      Aluminum hand  IMG_7522
     shedding lever  IMG_7636
     heald frame-middle  IMG_8141
     heald frames assem  IMG_8155



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